Home Energy Improvement Program

If you like Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects and you're a Georgia Power customer, you can take advantage of our Home Energy Improvement Program. It’s designed to help you lower your bills and make your home more comfortable.

Our Home Energy Improvement Program includes three DIY projects:

Choose the projects that work for you

Each one comes with special rebates reducing your overall project costs and saving you money.

The Home Energy Improvement Program gives you the savings you want. And you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself.


Learn more about each project below and discover how to get started today.

Attic insulation

Sweating during the summer months and worrying about warmth in winter? Attic insulation increases your comfort and reduces energy costs year-round.

Rebate – 50% of cost up to $250

Qualifying details

  • Non-air sealing types of insulation can be installed by a licensed professional or self-installed 
  • Dense pack, wet spray cellulose, or spray foam insulation need a home energy assessment performed by a participating Program Contractor
  • Insulation must be installed across the entire attic space
  • Existing insulation must be ≤ R-11
  • After installation the R-value must be ≥ R-38 
  • Helpful Resource: preconditions and requirements video for attic insulation

Heat pump water heaters

Upgrading your conventional electric unit to a heat pump water heater can save you $330 annually, and that’s just one of many benefits.*

Rebate – 50% of cost up to $250

Qualifying details

  • Must submit an AHRI certificate 
  • Helpful Resource: preconditions and requirements video for heat pump water heaters

*Benefit calculations are from energystar.gov for a 4-person household.

Smart thermostats

Making the most of your heating and cooling just makes good sense. Smart thermostats help you do just that, while maximizing your savings.

Single-Family Home Rebate – 50% of cost up to $75

Multifamily Home Rebate – 50% of cost up to $38

Qualifying details

  • Must be purchased through georgiapowermarketplace.com 
  • Two thermostats allowed per year
  • Instant online rebate 
  • Helpful Resource: preconditions and requirements video for smart thermostats

How do I get my rebates?


Smart Thermostats

Rebates for smart thermostats are only available when purchased from the Georgia Power Marketplace. Rebates are instant and applied at check out.


Attic Insulation and Heat Pump Water Heaters

1.  Make sure your project meets the prequalification criteria (PDF or video)

2.  Complete your project

3.  Submit your application with supporting documents within 60 days of project completion

4.  After your application has been approved, you’ll receive your rebate by mail in 6-8 weeks


Ready to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How soon will I receive my rebate check?

    Rebate checks are typically received in 6-8 weeks. However, incomplete applications and errors will delay your rebate. Be on the lookout for any emails with follow-up questions about your rebate application.

Get the most out of your home!

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Discover more about how our Home Energy Improvement Program can help you continue along your home energy-efficiency journey through additional professional-assisted rebates.

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