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Approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission in November 2012, the original Georgia Power Advanced Solar Initiative (GPASI) is an innovative solar program designed to procure 210 MW of solar capacity. GPASI was primarily created to spur economic growth within the solar community in Georgia, while offering pricing that encourages more renewable development and avoids any upward rate pressure and reliability impacts to Georgia Power customers.

With this goal in mind, Georgia Power designed two programs to continue to develop solar in Georgia: 1) offer existing Georgia Power customers additional options to sell distributed solar generation back to Georgia Power through small- and medium-scale power purchase programs; and 2) offer solar developers the opportunity to bring large photovoltaic (PV) solar arrays to market through a competitive utility-scale RFP. In July 2013, the Public Service Commission approved an additional 525 MW of solar capacity as part of the 2013 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) order. These additional megawatts of solar capacity were similarly allocated between the distributed generation and utility-scale programs.

Overview of the Programs

Overview of Programs

View more information on Georgia Power's Utility-Scale RFP and Distributed Generation programs.

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Georgia Power Solar Projects

Georgia Power Solar Projects

Georgia Power has launched several projects to research solar energy and increase the use of renewable energy in Georgia.

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REC Disclaimer: A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), sometimes called a renewable energy credit, represents the renewable attributes of energy produced from a renewable energy facility. RECs are considered a commodity and can be sold or traded separately from the actual energy. Georgia Power purchases only the null energy output from the renewable generating facilities that have contracted to sell energy from their solar facilities through the Large Scale Solar (LSS) program and the initial (2013/2014) Advance Solar Initiative (ASI). The sole ownership of RECs belong to each generating facility, as specifically stated in each respective power purchase agreement (PPA). The original intent of these programs was to grow renewable resources in Georgia, while allowing the generating facilities to retain the benefits of the RECs. Georgia Power does not report emission reductions from the null energy purchased through PPAs that do not bundle the RECs for sale to Georgia Power.

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Is Solar Right for You?

Is Solar Right for You?

The future of solar energy in Georgia is bright. Georgia Power is advancing cost-effective solar generation, so customers like you can benefit from renewable energy.

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