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Facts & Financials

Georgia Power values the trust of our employees, customers and neighbors. Each year we publish a variety of reports concerning both our financial performance and our performance in other facets of our business. We publish our SEC filing, annual report and information statement on our website for the public.

Facts & Figures

Find company statistics and detailed information on everything from our customers by region to our generating plants.
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Information Statements

We think it is important to communicate openly with our shareholders. We are able to do this on an annual basis at our shareholders meeting and the proceedings are archived as Information Statements.
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Annual Reports

Both current and past annual reports are available for your review. Read a comprehensive report on Georgia Power’s activities throughout the year.
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SEC Filings

Georgia Power is an investor-owned, public company, serving 2.4 million Georgia customers each year. Our SEC filings are available for review.
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Get Your Business Plug-In Ready

Learn about the steps you can take to get your business plug-in ready.

Learn more about plug-in electric vehicles.

Visit our media resources page to get all the facts you need to develop a good news story.

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For real-time storm updates, news and tips, follow us on Twitter: @GeorgiaPower.

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