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Employee Councils

Video Transcript

Employee councils are a dynamic tool for Georgia Power's leadership to demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The councils consist of volunteer members who are selected to serve as functionally, geographically and demographically diverse representatives of their organizations.

The purpose of our employee councils is to provide ongoing direct feedback to management in order to create a more open, welcoming and productive work environment by identifying barriers and proposing solutions. The councils also work to foster greater levels of trust and engagement in the workforce through effective communication.

Since their formation, the councils have focused on topics such as communications, performance management, job selection, career development, employee engagement and trust.

The way employee councils tie into the ideas of inclusion in the company starts, first of all, with the makeup of the councils. What you see is a diverse group of people, of representatives who come together, based on…using ideas from their own backgrounds and from where they come from. And they have an opportunity to work together to make sure that we have the diversity that we need and the thinking around how to make this a better place to work. For example, one of the specific projects that the employee councils have worked on over the last several years is performance management, individual development plans, and the issue of retaliation in the workplace. So, we've had efforts by the councils over the last few years to address those areas, bring forth ideas, and determine ways that we can make sure that everybody feels valued, everybody feels respected, and that everyone is included because we need and understand the benefit of having all those different views shared and brought to the table.

Employee councils exist to work for the employees of Georgia Power. Engaging with the councils provides our employees with a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that the ideas and suggestions that they share are helping to make their organizations better. By working together, we continue to make a difference and improve our company by sustaining a culture of excellence through inclusion. (video)

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