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Energy Services


How We Work With Our Federal Customers

For federal customers, energy conservation programs are built around a fuel-neutral approach with comprehensive technology solutions, including renewables, to help achieve energy-related mandates. Georgia Power's Energy Services' dedicated project management team will manage the project from day one to your official acceptance. Our services allow you to meet the requirements set forth in Executive Order 13423 that requires federal agencies to reduce energy intensity by 3 percent each year.

Financial Process

Because of Energy Services' relationship with several financial institutions, project financing is available for these energy conservation projects. Federal customers have two options for funding:

  • Appropriation
  • Paid for through savings (financed) over as much as a 15-year period

When appropriated money is not available, Energy Services will work with the strategic partner banks to creatively finance these projects using future energy savings. In addition, Energy Services will handle all competitive negotiation with our partner banks to ensure you receive the best financing available.

Federal Projects

Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center (Atlanta)

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Energy Services engaged in a re-lamping project of a two-city-block campus, changing out more than 20,000 light fixtures. This project was completed using funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The project had approximately a three-year payback.

Project Cost: $1.912 million

Customer Needs: Funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, popularly known as the Stimulus Act, the Sam Nunn Center was working to meet its goals under Executive Order 13423.

Energy Services Solution:

  • Provide a re-lamping solution that would replace the ballasts in more than 20,000 light fixtures throughout the building.
  • Due to the customer's specific need for the work not to interfere with the building's normal operations, most work was done at night and on the weekends.

Benefits/Results: Project was able to pay for itself in reduced energy usage in less than three years.

United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) - Energy Conservation (Atlanta)

At the FDA's Atlanta office and laboratory complex, Energy Services offered a project to retrofit the existing boiler, commission the energy management systems, install low-flow water features and install a new, state-of-the-art air-handling unit.

Project Cost: $967,000 financed over eight years using expected future energy savings

Customer Needs: Meet energy conservation goals in a leased space (nine years remaining).

Energy Services Solution:

  • Water conservation
  • Lighting retrofit and occupancy sensors
  • New and reworked controls
  • New (downsized) gas package boilers
  • New air handlers

Benefits/Results: Annual savings: $152,000

Fort Benning - Satellite Boilers/Heating System Project (Columbus)

Fort Benning approached Georgia Power about providing energy-efficient recommendations to replace aging energy infrastructure.

Project Cost: $6 million

Customer Needs: The customer wanted decentralization of its central steam plant, and to replace aging steam boilers and fix decaying underground steam-distribution piping.

Energy Services Solution: Installed satellite boilers and associated equipment with new natural gas distribution lines in 22 buildings on the Sand Hill area of Fort Benning, including in nine troop barracks.


  • Significant energy savings
  • Infrastructure improvement

Navy Supply Corps School - Electric Steam Boiler (Athens)

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Customer Needs: The Navy Supply Corps School was looking for ways to conserve energy and meet the demands of the Executive Order 13423

Project Cost: $1.2 million

Energy Services Solution:

  • Replacement of two boilers to replace inefficient and outdated fossil-fuel boilers
  • New high-efficiency chillers
  • High-efficiency lighting
  • Removal of underground fuel oil storage tanks and eight chilling units containing harmful refrigerants


  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Annual energy savings: $216,000
  • 32 percent reduction in base energy usage
  • Project awarded with Efficient Building Award for Innovative Energy Technology from Edison Electric Institute and Energy User News

Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay - Thermal Line Replacement (St. Marys)

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At the Navy's eastern base for the United States' nuclear submarine fleet, Energy Services installed solar-powered aerators in the sewer water treatment lagoon to reduce energy usage and move the base closer to meeting the Executive Order 13423 to lower energy usage.

The upper base uses a center plant and underground pipes to distribute medium-temperature hot water throughout the base. The lines were corroded and poorly insulated, leading to significant heat loss. Energy Services replaced more than two miles of underground hot-water pipes to improve efficiency.

Project Cost: $3.78 million financed over 15 years using expected future energy savings

Customer Needs: Medium-temperature hot-water (MTHW) lines deteriorated and leaking.

Energy Services Solution:

  • Installed 11,700 feet of new Thermacorp HT406 piping (supply and return line)
  • Provided backup boilers as needed
  • High-efficiency lighting
  • 2 1/2-year construction with staggered payments during construction


  • Annual savings: $389,000
  • Eliminated maintenance issues and costly emergency repairs
Energy Services

Energy Services

Energy Services provides turnkey installation of energy efficiency products at federal and institutional customer facilities.



Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals (MUSH). Energy Services offers energy conservation projects to our institutional customers.

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