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Lloyd Shoals Project FERC Relicensing

The Lloyd Shoals Hydroelectric Project has a generating capacity of 18 megawatts and consists of Lloyd Shoals powerhouse and dam and the project reservoir, Lake Jackson. Water used for energy generation at Lloyd Shoals powerhouse comes from rain that falls in the Ocmulgee River basin upstream of Lloyd Shoals dam.  Georgia Power currently operates the Project to generate during peak power demand hours.


Lake Jackson is located at the confluence of the South, Yellow and Alcovy Rivers and waters leaving the powerhouse and dam are discharged directly into the Ocmulgee River.  The dam and powerhouse are located in Jasper and Butts counties.  Lake Jackson is located in Newton, Henry, Jasper and Butts counties and covers 4,750 acres and has 135 miles of shoreline.

Lloyd Shoals Dam
Project Map

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is an independent federal regulatory agency responsible for relicensing hydropower projects.  The current Lloyd Shoals Hydroelectric Project license expires on December 31, 2023.  In 2018, Georgia Power begins the process to relicense the hydropower plant using the FERC Integrated Licensing Process (ILP).  The formal license application will be filed in 2021.


During the relicensing process, numerous studies will be conducted to support Georgia Power’s application for a new FERC license.  These include reviews geology and soils, water resources, fish and aquatic resources, wildlife and botanical resources, rare threatened and endangered species, recreation and land use, and cultural resources.  Documentation developed during the relicensing process will be added to this website (below) as we progress through the relicensing schedule.

Lloyd Shoals History Timeline

1908 - 1911

The Central Georgia Power Company began construction of Lloyd Shoals powerhouse and dam.  In 1911, Lloyd Shoals began commercial operation of four electric generating units.

1916 to 1917

Two additional generating units began commercial operation.


Georgia Power Company acquired the Central Georgia Power Company and the Lloyd Shoals powerhouse and dam in 1928.


The upper level of the Lloyd Shoals powerhouse was destroyed by a transformer explosion and fire.  In the same year the powerhouse was rebuilt and auxiliary equipment was modernized.


A oxygenating labyrinth weir was constructed in the tailrace to increase dissolved oxygen in plant discharges.


A near-record flood of 68,500 cubic feet per second occurred on the Ocmulgee River.  The maximum water surface elevation in Lake Jackson reached 534.4 feet at the dam.

2006 - 2008

Draft tube aeration systems were installed as a new dissolved oxygen enhancing measure to replace the labyrinth weir in the tailrace.  Since the weir was no longer needed, it was removed from the tailrace in 2008.


The spillway was modified in 2012 to accommodate Obermeyer gates allowing Georgia Power to maintain and control normal reservoir elevation of 530 more effectively.  After Obermeyer gates were installed, annual drawdown of Lake Jackson was no longer necessary.

2018 - 2024

Georgia Power received its first and second federal license to operate the Lloyd Shoals Project in years 1968 and 1993.  Georgia Power Company begins the relicensing of the Lloyd Shoals project by filing a Notice of Intent with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in July 2018 and will file the Licensing Application for a new operating license for Lloyd Shoals in late 2021. The current license for the Lloyd Shoals project expires on December 31, 2023.

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