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Georgia Power recognized as one of '33 Utilities Easiest to do Business With'

Residential customers rated Georgia Power as a utility that's "Easiest to Do Business With," according to the 2019 Cogent Reports Utility Trusted Brand & Customer Engagement Study. The study examined the nation's 140 largest electric and natural gas utility brands. 

The report states residential utility customers derive 94 percent of their satisfaction from the amount of effort required to do business with their utility. It utilized a Customer Effort index score to measure how easy it is for customers to interact with a utility across service, communication and product touchpoints. 

For example, customers who indicate they had an easy service experience spend 50 percent less time on phone service, which is a win for both utility cost and customer satisfaction. Additionally, customers who find it easy to work with their utility use more of its enhanced programs and offerings, which leads to higher adoption rates and increased customer loyalty. 

The average Customer Effort index score for the utility industry was 730 on a 1,000-point scale. Utilities who posted a score of 750 or greater earned "Easiest to Do Business With" recognition.