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Georgia Power co-sponsors minority national conferences

NAACP National Convention

Southern Company operating companies Georgia Power, Mississippi Power and Alabama Power joined together to host a special reception for their states’ delegates at the 2018 NAACP’s National Convention in San Antonio, Texas. The first-of-its-kind gathering showcased remarks from chapter presidents. More than 150 attendees heard about the long-term partnerships and community engagement taking place in the Southeast.

“To see our organizations operating together at not just a local level, but a national level was very gratifying," said Edward Dubose, executive director of Georgia NAACP. “We can accomplish so much more across the states by leveraging the resources of the Southern Company.”

Southern Company was a “Partner Sponsor” of the convention. The partnership included sponsoring the Chairman’s Leadership Reception, which hosted over 100 attendees from companies and chapters from across the country.

An estimated 10,000 visitors attended the four-day conference that annually convenes African Americans across the nation to discuss civil rights issues. The conference theme was “Defeat Hate. Vote.”  It included legal education seminars, youth workshops, federal legislation and public policy discussion, a hip-hop summit and diversity career fair.

Aug. 1, 2018

National Urban League Conference

Georgia Power and Alabama Power joined together to host a special reception for their states’ chapters at the 2018 National Urban League Conference. Birmingham and Atlanta Urban League chapter presidents shared the great work being accomplished through these partnerships as well as plans for future community initiatives.

Southern Company was a “National Partner” of the 2018 National Urban League Conference, held in Columbus, Ohio. The partnership included hosting the Chairman’s Leadership Reception.  Over 100 attendees from diverse companies and Urban League chapters across the U.S. were on hand.

The theme for the four-day event held in August was “Save Our Cities: Powering the Digital Revolution.” Participants explored the role of cutting-edge technology in every aspect of today’s social and economic landscape, bringing together leading digital innovators in business and industry, government, community and the arts to confront the nation’s challenges and chart a path to success.