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Georgia Power Celebrates the Company’s Energy Generation Team

Every August, Georgia Power recognizes Energy Generation Appreciation Month where the company celebrates and honors employees who work across the state in energy generating plants. These employees are the backbone of what it takes to provide clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to more than 2.7 million customers every day.

As demand for energy continues to grow in Georgia, these unsung heroes work tirelessly 24/7 365 days a year at every Georgia Power plant to generate power from diverse energy resources.

While it’s just a simple flip of the switch to turn on the lights at home, there’s extensive work behind the scenes that takes place to ensure our customers aren’t left in the dark.

An example of this important work includes plant operations and a facility like Plant McDonough, capable of producing over 2,500 MWs of electricity, requires frequent maintenance. One of the individuals who ensures the units at Plant McDonough operate efficiently is Plant Operator, Anthony Denney, who turned his passion for fixing things into a career where he has an invaluable impact. For the last six years, Anthony has been one of the key team members at Plant McDonough, performing electrical and mechanical work on the units at the plant to make sure power stays on around the clock.

If you travel farther south to Coweta County, you’ll find Plant Yates, which also operates as a natural gas plant producing around 700 MWs of electricity. Wes Stokely has worked as a Senior Instrumentation and Controls Technician at the plant in his hometown for the past six years. In this vital role, he assists with a wide range of maintenance needs, specifically the units’ control system that runs the boilers and turbines, ultimately a key component necessary to generate electricity.

“From charging your cell phone to putting gas in your car, most aspects of our lives depend on electricity,” said Stokely. “I take pride in what I do because I know how critical our work in generation is to the world.”

Energy undoubtedly plays an integral role in our daily lives and Anthony and Wes are just two of the company’s 1,100 generation employees that are vital in ensuring our customers are constantly connected to reliable power.

So, this month and all year round, we celebrate these incredible men and women who serve their communities across the state in so many ways. They are an essential part of Georgia Power and our commitment to powering Georgia now and in the future.