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Georgia Power continues partnerships in building electric transportation infrastructure

Recently, partnerships have been formed between utilities to build fast-charging networks for electric vehicles (EVs) throughout the country. The largest group, called the "Electric Highway Coalition," represents an unprecedented level of coordination to increase charging options along major highway routes from Texas to Washington, D.C., and provide easier access to environmentally friendly vehicle options for drivers.

Both Georgia Power and Southern Company announced plans to join the partnership in March to work with other utilities across the South, Midwest, Gulf Coast, Central Plains and mid-Atlantic to enable EV drivers' seamless travel through a coordinated network of Direct Current (DC) fast chargers.

Georgia Power has proactively filled pending electric transportation (ET) market gaps before they become scale issues for the past 8 years. The company has pursued make-ready efforts, eased the financial burden on destination charging stations, and has been strategically mapping and implementing DC fast chargers based on guidance from the Federal Highway Administration to enable long-distance travel with EVs and reduce range anxiety.

"By actually planning and building things out ahead of need, we have not only supported our ET ecosystem partners to magnify the impact of their early efforts, but we have given our local communities the confidence that Georgia's infrastructure is ET-ready as customers choose to make the EV transition," said Nicole Faulk, senior vice president of Customer Strategy and Solutions for Georgia Power. "The coalition partnership enables us to connect people with places across the southeast as we further our goal of making Georgia EV Corridor Ready by 2022."

Working with the Georgia Public Service Commission, the company has installed 50 DC fast chargers in locations statewide and is investing $6 million over three years in fast-charging infrastructure across Georgia. Additionally, the company has partnered with Cox Automotive Mobility to complete one of the largest EV charging single property installations in the southeast at the Pivet Atlanta facility near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Georgia Power provides electric service to 24 additional fast charging sites for other networks including Tesla, Electrify America, and EVgo.

Last year, Georgia Power announced it will electrify portions of its vehicle fleet as part of Southern Company's plans to convert 50 percent of its system fleet vehicles across the auto/SUV/minivan, forklift and ATV/cart/miscellaneous segments by 2030. The internal fleet goal is part of a larger focus on electrification of the transportation industry and the company's commitment to expanding zero-emission electric vehicles and clean transportation options.