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Georgia Power offers tips, tools for customers during first heat wave of summer

With afternoon high temperatures soaring into the mid-90s this week across the state, Georgia Power is focused on helping customers minimize the impact of the higher temperatures on electric bills and providing simple tips to use around the house.

Tips, Tools & Resources

Georgia Power offers efficiency tips and tools that can help all customers save money and energy throughout the year. The company’s My Power Usage program, a free service available for many Georgia Power online accounts, allows customers to track their daily energy use online, project their monthly bill and stay within a set energy budget.

Simple summer tips to save money and energy include:

  • Think Thermostat – Heating and cooling costs make up nearly half of your average power bill. Set manual thermostats to 78°F in the summer for peak efficiency and make the most of programmable thermostats, which help decrease energy use based on your lifestyle.
  • Use your Fans – A ceiling fan costs only about $1.50 a month to operate and will help you feel cooler without having to adjust your thermostat.
  • Clear Air Vents – To maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home, keep air vents and return-air registers clear of obstructions such as furniture, curtains and rugs.
  • Trim Plants and Change Filters – To ensure your unit receives proper air flow, change filters once a month, or every three months for pleated filters and trim plants around your outside units.
  • Caulk & Strip – Replace cracked or peeling caulk or weather stripping around doors and windows to save up to 10 percent on energy use.
  • Use Blinds & Curtains – Cover sun-facing windows with blinds or curtains to help limit direct sunlight and heat from entering your home.
  • Unplug Certain Electronics – Electronics account for 5-10 percent of household electricity use. Save up to $100 a year by either using an advanced power strip or unplugging electronics when not in use.
  • HVAC System Tune-Up – Hire a technician to ensure your HVAC equipment is working properly and schedule an equipment tune-up if necessary.

Other programs to help Georgia Power customers save money and energy throughout the summer months include:   

  • A Free Online Energy Checkup – Take a quick and easy online energy checkup that provides a customized energy usage report and ways to save money. Visit to get started.
  • Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP) – The Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP) helps Georgia Power customers reduce energy use, save on energy costs and improve the comfort of their homes. Residential customers can earn rebates from Georgia Power for implementing and installing qualifying energy savings improvements. Learn more at
  • Home Energy Efficiency Assistance Program (HEEAP) – The Home Energy Efficiency Assistance Program helps eligible income-qualified customers make free energy efficiency improvements in their home. At no cost to the customer, a program contractor performs the recommended energy efficiency upgrades. Customers can learn more and apply at

Georgia Power is committed to helping customers save money on their energy bills and these programs and services can make homes more energy efficient while keeping residents comfortable through summer’s heat. Find dozens of other energy tips, whether you own a home or rent at