Environmental Stewardship

To help us take care of the state we call home, we challenge ourselves every day to preserve the environment and strengthen the communities in which we live, work and serve. To help guide us in this effort, three principles serve as the cornerstones of our environmental commitment: Solutions, Balance and Stewardship.

Cornerstones of Our Commitment

At Georgia Power, compliance with federal and state environmental requirements is only the beginning of our environmental commitment: We emphasize conservation and recycling, and help our customers make efficient use of energy.

Three principles serve as the cornerstones of our environmental commitment.


We are taking steps in the communities we serve to improve the environment, including investing more than $5 billion in environmental controls at our power plants in Georgia. Learn more about how we are improving air quality and reducing emissions.

Green Initiatives


We strive to maintain a balance that furthers environmental stewardship while providing for growing energy needs and the economy. Learn more about renewables and electric transportation - two ways we are balancing both energy demand and environmental stewardship.

Recycling & Renewables


Providing environmental leadership is fundamental to Georgia Power's vision and our commitment to create sustainable change. Learn more about the environmental programs we support to uphold that commitment.

Get Involved

CCR Rule Compliance Information, Ground Monitoring and Dewatering

We’re preparing to permanently close our 29 ash ponds at 11 coal-fired plants across the state. Read details about the process as we work toward this goal. 

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