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Prepare for Winter Weather

Get ready before winter arrives — Are you prepared?

From advice on preparing your home and road safety to having the right supplies - we can help.

Outage & Emergency Alerts

Outage Alerts

Sent via email, phone call or text.

Text REG to 427-97

Outage Map

Report and check outage status.

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Home Safety Tips


  • Never leave candles unattended.
  • Remember to buy extra flashlight batteries.


  • Maintain ventilation around fireplaces.
  • Use space heaters only on level surfaces.
  • Keep away from furniture, curtains, water, children and pets.


  • Never use generators indoors.
  • Always follow the instructions supplied with your generator model.

Emergency Kit

When the power goes out, a flashlight, a portable charger, and spare batteries are essential.

Every time you're grocery shopping, consider getting a few extra bottles of water.

Stock up on non-perishable canned goods that you can stash away. Protein-rich foods like peanut butter and canned meats are best, as they make you feel fuller, longer.

Know the Terms

Winter Storm Watch

Issues 12-48 hours before possibility of winter weather.

Check emergency supplies for your home and vehicle!

Winter Storm Advisory

Issued 36 hours before a weather event with at least 80% chance of winter precipitation.

Receive weather alerts via a NOAA weather radio or our Georgia Power app!

Winter Storm Warning

Issued 36 hours before imminent, significant winter precipitation.

Keep electronic devices charged and avoid unnecessary travel!

Video archive

Be Prepared.

After Storm

Home Safety

Tips and tricks to stay warm and safe when winter weather strikes.

After Storm

Build an Emergency Kit

Are you prepared? Let us show you how.

After Storm

How We Prepare

Meet our Emergency Operations Manager.


Know Your Terms

Get to know the different types of winter storm alerts.

Stay Informed. Stay Safe.


Outage & Emergency Alerts

Learn how you can stay up to date.

Winter Weather Road Safety

Winter Road Safety

Learn how to stay safe on the road and how you can help our restoration efforts.

After Storm

Staying Safe After the Storm

Learn how to stay safe after a winter storm.