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Get Ready Before a Hurricane Hits

It only takes one major storm to disrupt activities and cause damage to communities. Georgia Power has lots of tools and resources to ensure that you are properly prepared for a storm, including how to sign up for personalized outage alerts, advice on what to include in your emergency supply kit, and what needs to be part of your family's hurricane plan.

Be Prepared

Hurricane Prep Trees Down

Storing Food and Meds

Generator Safety

Have a Hurricane Plan

A good hurricane plan should include all of the following items:

  • A deadline to evacuate
  • A duty for each member of the family 
  • Plans for family pets
  • Storage plans for boats or recreational vehicles
  • A destination after you evacuate
  • Safe places to keep important items
  • Meeting places in case your group gets separated
  • Locations of emergency shelters
  • Contact information for emergency services
  • Contact information for elderly friends, neighbors or family members
  • List of relatives to notify

Stay Informed

Emergency Shelters

If an emergency has forced you to evacuate your home, the Red Cross may be able to help. American Red Cross services are always provided at no cost. Find out if you are eligible and what specific services are offered.

Stay Safe

Restoring Power

Assessing Power Conditions

Hurricane Prep Trees Down