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Georgia Power is committed to protecting and preserving the environment.

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Resources Management

Providing environmental leadership is fundamental to Georgia Power's vision and our commitment to create sustainable change. Managing resources inside our company, as well as helping to make our state's environment a better place, is important today and in the future. Below are some of the initiatives that we have implemented and/or are currently involved with.

Improved Meter Reading

In 2012, Georgia Power completed a six-year initiative to upgrade all of the company's 2.4 million meters statewide. Since customers' meters can now be read remotely, the company was able to take 300 of our vehicles off the road and eliminate 14 million miles of travel.


Paperless Billing

Georgia Power provides customers with the opportunity for paperless billing. About 24 percent – or almost 561,000 – of our customers currently participate in this eco-friendly billing system. Help us become even more "green" by signing up today.

Building Sustainability

Georgia Power strives to make buildings as energy-efficient as possible. In 2011, the company's newest construction – our Coastal Region office in Savannah – received the platinum level (the highest level of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design [LEED] certification) from the U.S. Green Building Council for new construction. LEED-certified buildings save money and resources, including on energy and water bills, and have a positive impact on the health of their occupants while promoting renewable, clean energy.

Georgia Power's child care facilities in Atlanta and McDonough received LEED certification for new construction in 2009, and corporate headquarters earned a LEED-certified level for an existing building, Operation & Maintenance. Two other facilities – our Customer Resource Center in Atlanta and an addition and renovation of our Environmental Lab in Smyrna – are awaiting LEED application results.

In addition, we have saved more than 14 million gallons of water during the past two years compared with historical usage at our headquarters. While most of this reduction was due to reducing the amount of water used in landscaping irrigation, we also converted a kitchen walk-in cooler refrigeration system and water fixtures and/or fixture components to be more efficient, and are properly maintaining our cooling towers.

LED (light-emitting diode) technology serves as the primary source for all campus lighting, parking deck and company logo building signage at corporate headquarters, too. This technology provides not only energy cost savings, but has long-lasting performance, and the design and construction are free from mercury, lead and glass. LED interior lighting was installed during renovations at our distribution control centers in McDonough and Macon, and we're preparing to retrofit all exterior lighting to LED at all offices statewide during the next two years.

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Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Georgia Power has planted more than 3 million trees across the state during the past five years! Learn about our environmental stewardship efforts.

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