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Georgia's electric vehicle future is bright.

The future is electric, and we want you to be a part of it.

Powering Georgia's electric vehicle future

Georgia's EV future is bright. That's why we're bringing EV technology and innovation to life in our state. As Georgians adopt this new technology being built right here in their state and experience the benefits of EVs, we're working to help prepare our communities for an electrified transportation future now.

Investing in the electric grid

We're making the grid more reliable and secure through the essential, critical investments needed to meet our customers' evolving energy needs – helping us prepare for the expanding network of EV charging infrastructure and additional demand.

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Fueling EVs with cleaner energy

We're transforming how we make energy and utilizing cleaner and more economical ways to generate power. This includes investments in renewables and cleaner energy resources, giving EV drivers and companies electrifying their fleets more confidence they are driving clean.

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Bringing electric transportation technologies to Georgia

We're partnering with schools and universities to create new programs and research opportunities to prepare Georgia's workforce and build a pipeline of workers ready to support the EV ecosystem.

Why drive electric?

More and more Georgia drivers are hitting the road in electric vehicles, and it's easy to understand why. For owners, EVs cost less to operate per mile than gasoline-powered vehicles. You can charge at home or on-the-go, and even get a special rate for charging your car at home. And they're cleaner – EVs produce no tailpipe emissions.


Georgia's national rank in EV adoption.*


Georgia's national rank in total EV chargers.*


Average monthly EV savings.


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EVs for your home

When you drive an electric vehicle, not only do you save money on fuel and maintenance, but you consume energy that is generated in your community, rather than piped in from oceans away.

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EVs for your business

By electrifying your fleet, you’re helping to reduce carbon emissions while consuming energy that was generated locally, putting more money back into your local economy.


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