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Retail REC Retirement (R3)

Meet your sustainability initiatives and renewable energy goals

The R3 program will provide participating customers the ability to claim renewable benefits from existing renewable resources that have been procured through power purchase agreements (PPAs) for subscription by C&I customers. We will retire the Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) on behalf of participating customers.

Program Process

1. Register

Register on the R3 Notice of Intent website.

2. Submit

Complete and submit a Notice of Intent Application.

3. Sign

Sign R3 Customer Agreement.

How It Works

Georgia Power signs Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with renewable developer

Renewable energy generated is delivered to the power grid and customer

Customer pays program charge in addition to regular bill

R3 How It Works
R3 How It Works

Program options and details:

Customers will pay a fixed price per MWh each month. The price is based on the average cost of the current and projected value of RECs, which is set at the time of contracting and will include a 25 cents/mWh admin fee.

≥ 15 MW

Existing Load Customers

  • 2-year contract
  • Available to our exiting C&I customers with an aggregated load of 15 MW or greater.
  • Participation levels will be allocated on a pro rata share basis.
  • Semiannual Notice of Intent (NOI) periods (January & June) based on available capacity.

≥ 50 MW

New Load/Economic Development

  • 2 to 5-year contract
  • Available to new customers or existing customers with incremental load of 50 MW or greater.
  • Participation levels will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.