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Plant Kraft

Plant Kraft began commercial operation in 1958 in Chatham County, Georgia and was retired in 2015. Georgia Power donated the property from the retired Plant Kraft facility to the Georgia Port Authority (GPA) in 2021. The location is expected to help the GPA continue to provide its customers the most efficient and productive port facilities in the nation, creating jobs and business opportunities to benefit more than 10 million Georgians.

CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

Georgia Power submitted CCR permit applications to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division in November 2018. The documents provided herein represent the approved permit(s) or current submittals as of May 2023 still under EPD review and the link to the final EPD approved CCR permit and documents will be provided upon permit issuance.

Grumman Road Landfill

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available or as it is required.