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Vogtle Unit 3 goes into operation

Vogtle Stories

The first new nuclear units built in the U.S. in over 30 years.

Latest News: Vogtle Unit 4 reaches initial criticality (2/14/2024)

Plant Vogtle’s new units were built to power the community, and our community came together in a big way to make it happen. Over the course of the project, thousands of people contributed millions of hours to create Georgia’s energy future while simultaneously making history to build the first nuclear units in the U.S. in more than 30 years.

Here are just a few of the stories that make up this project, and this community:

Toni shares the role Plant Vogtle played in her life.

"It was the breakthrough of my career." – Toni W., Plant Vogtle Nuclear Expansion

Growing up, Toni could see Plant Vogtle’s cooling towers from her front porch. Born and raised in Burke County, Toni’s childhood was powered by Vogtle’s original reactors, but it wasn’t until after graduating from the University of Georgia that Toni ever gave any thought to what they could mean to her.

Did you know? Each of the reactor vessels for Units 3 & 4 weigh more than the Statue of Liberty – 600,000 lbs each. More Fun Facts

"For me it's about energy-security for my daughter for the next 60-80 years." – Aaron H., Site Safety Coordinator

Site Safety Coordinator Aaron H. arrived at Plant Vogtle in 2016. Already a seasoned safety professional, he quickly became passionate about helping to build the next generation of clean energy in a safe and efficient way.

Aaron shares his passion about Plant Vogtle.

Magali talks about the impact Plant Vogtle will have on our communities.

"... the opportunity to be part of the nuclear renaissance!" – Magali K., Instrumentation and Control Engineering Manager

Magali knows what it’s like to go without electricity. The Central-African communities in which she spent her early life often relied on substandard power delivery infrastructure, resulting in regular periods that her family had to go without. So when she joined Vogtle Unit 3 & 4’s engineering department in 2014, she was ready to help usher in a new era of clean, reliable energy to Georgia and beyond.

Did you know? For a wind farm to produce the same amount of energy as Plant Vogtle, it would need to cover an area over 1000 square miles. More Fun Facts

"I'm proud of the benefits it brings to this region." – Les C., Mechanical Maintenance Manager

Growing up in Rocky Ford, Georgia, Les had friends whose parents worked at Plant Vogtle Units 1 & 2. Less than 50 miles from Waynesboro, he would take field trips with his class to Vogtle’s original reactors. The plant became to him,  as well as many in his community, a symbol of opportunity — a place where it became possible to build a life. 

Les talks about his childhood memories of Plant Vogtle.

Lisa talks about the job opportunities that Plant Vogtle has brought.

"I'm really proud of the people that I work with." – Lisa H., Vogtle Units 3 & 4 Human Resources

Lisa serves as the Talent Management Business Partner within the Human Resources department at Vogtle Units 3 & 4. After years of studying and gaining a deeper perspective on Vogtle’s impact, she’s working to support the incredible amount of talent within its walls — ensuring that their careers can continue to develop in a way that best serves the employees and the company, as well as the community around Vogtle. 

Did you know? Each cooling tower stands 60 stories tall! More Fun Facts

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