What is a blink?

A blink is when your lights go off for just a few seconds, but come back on and remain on. Blinks can happen in a variety of ways, though the most common reason is interference by trees. Take a look at our informative videos to find out more about how Georgia Power handles blinks in the power supply.

What causes blinks?


Trees, especially during windstorms, can cause your power to blink. Learn more about the systems Georgia Power has in place to keep your power on.


Though normally animals – particularly squirrels – can run across power lines with little problem, blinks can occur when they contact specific points of the line. Find out more about how animals can cause blinks in your power.

Snow / Ice

Snow and Ice can easily cause blinks, particularly as the accumulation builds and weighs down both lines and trees. Find out more about how Georgia Power handles blink issues during ice and snow.


Lightning is unpredictable, and a direct hit to a tree or specific power point can interrupt your power service with blinks. See how lightening can affect your power supply.


Even just a simple bump to a power pole can cause blink issues with your power. Learn more about how this happens and how Georgia Power works to prevent it.


Repairs and construction are necessary, but can sometimes accidentally cause blinks in power. Find out why this happens and about the systems Georgia Power has in place to protect your power supply.


Occasionally, Georgia Power is not able to immediately determine the cause of a blink in your power. Learn how Georgia Power identifies these blinks and determines what to do.