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Understanding Outages

We are committed to delivering reliable power to every customer, but outages, blinks and flickers do happen. Learn about the different types of service interruptions that may happen, as well as what we do to identify, repair and prevent these issues. 


An "outage" occurs when your lights go off and stay off for more than a few seconds.

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A "blink" occurs when your lights go off for a few seconds but come back on and stay on.

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What is a Flicker?

A flicker is when your lights slightly dim, but don’t go off. While this can be inconvenient as in some cases computers or other equipment may be knocked offline, it is generally not an indicator that something is wrong with the lines that serve your facility. Watch the following video to find out more about what causes flickers.

Restoring Power

When your power goes out, it’s our goal to restore it quickly and efficiently. Georgia Power is constantly working to reduce power interruptions. See how we identify, repair and work to ensure that your power supply is as reliable and efficient as possible, no matter what the issue.