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Vegetation Management Program FAQs

Read common questions and answers about vegetation management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the property owner required to grant an easement to Georgia Power for tree trimming?

The Vegetation Management program is a voluntary program where the customer can elect to participate and grant additional tree trim rights to Georgia Power for the overall goal of increasing the reliability of the distribution circuit.

When will the debris/logs be removed from the site once tree trimming is complete?

Debris and logs may not be removed on the same day the tree trim work is completed, however, will be removed from the property as soon as possible.

Will the stump shavings be removed from the site?

Stump shavings will be leveled out over the stump area and will decay naturally over time.

If my trees are not removed and only trimmed, how will they be pruned?

Trees are pruned/removed by professional tree contractors on behalf of Georgia Power. Georgia Power prunes trees according to standards that are developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Learn more at

Will my fence need to be removed if it blocks access to work being done?

Occasionally access into a fenced area may be required. If this occurs, the tree contractor and Georgia Power will work with the individual property owner to find a solution.

Who is responsible for any damage that might occur during the tree trimming process?

The contractor company representing Georgia Power and performing the work will be responsible for repairs. Damages can be reported to the Vegetation Management Land Agent that worked with the property owner.

How will this affect our utility service?

Vegetation Management tree work very rarely will require service outages. If there is a planned outage, all customers in the area will be notified in advance.

Will the contract land agent be in a company vehicle?

The Vegetation Management Land Agent will not be in a Georgia Power company vehicle, however, should display Georgia Power Contractor vehicle magnets. Agent will also be wearing a Georgia Power Contractor ID badge.

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