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Vegetation Management Program

Georgia Power Company’s Forestry and Right of Way Vegetation Management program is working hard to enhance reliability throughout our service territories.  Vegetation is a major cause of electrical outages across the state during storms, ice storms, and even during periods of high wind. Georgia Power will be seeking additional vegetation clearance easement rights in locations around the state in an effort to reduce the number of related outages and ultimately improve electrical reliability. These additional easement rights will allow Georgia Power to clear away the areas of vegetation that will impact our system.  

A contract representative for Georgia Power Company will contact property owners to discuss a proposal for additional easement rights specific to each affected property. The contractor will identify themselves as a “Land Agent” representative for Georgia Power Company and will have an identification badge that includes their photo, Georgia Power Company logo and the name of their contracting company. They will provide the property owner with Georgia Power Company documentation for the easement proposal. Please note that the contract representative will be driving their personal vehicle and will be wearing business casual clothing (not a Georgia Power Company uniform). 

The Land Agent will explain the process and answer any related questions.  Please visit the following link to learn additional general information: 

If a property owner wishes to verify the Land Agent and/or the Georgia Power project, they inquire with the following contact:

Right-of-Way Use

Rights-of-way are acquired by Georgia Power for the majority of its utility corridors. Learn how we keep the public safe by maintaining or clearing areas around facilities such as poles, wires and structures.

We're Here to Help

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