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Home Energy Improvement Program

Maintain comfort with qualifying energy-saving improvements

You shouldn’t have to decide between reducing your energy bill and feeling comfortable in your home. Now you don’t have to. The Home Energy Improvement Program decreases energy costs and increases home comfort.

Are you a multifamily property owner? Check out our Multifamily Home Energy Improvement Program

How the program works:

Understanding where you can make updates to earn money-saving rebates starts with a home energy assessment.

  1. A comprehensive home review by an experienced professional.

  2. Recommendations for upgrades to make your home more efficient and comfortable.

  3. 50% of cost up to $150 from Georgia Power towards the assessment.

Just choose from our network of participating program contractors who can schedule your home energy assessment today.

One program. Two ways to save.

Rebates: 50% of cost up to $750* per year

Only need to make a few energy efficiency changes? Then this is the path for you. See the types of individual improvements that you can make in your home to receive Georgia Power rebates.

*Mini-Split Heat Pump and Heat Pump Water Heater measures do not count toward the Individual Improvements cap.

Already completed your improvements?


Must be a Georgia Power residential customer.

Preconditions and Requirements

Rebate Details

The following items may qualify for rebates of 50% of the cost up to:

  • Whole House – 20% Energy Reduction $1,100 (PC)
  • Home Energy Assessment $150 (PC)
  • Air Sealing $300 (PC)
  • Duct Sealing $300 (PC or LP)
  • Ductless Mini-Split & Ground Source Heat Pumps $1,000 (LP)
  • Attic Insulation $250 (DIY)
  • Heat Pump Water Heater $500 (DIY)
  • Smart Thermostat $75 (DIY)
  • Advanced Power Strip $20 (DIY)
  • Pool Pump Timers $150 (DIY)
  • Ceiling Fan $35 (DIY)
  • Circulation Pump $40 (DIY)
  • Dehumidifier $25 (DIY)
  • Electric Vehicle Charger $100 (DIY)
  • Home Energy Management System $175 (PC, LP or DIY)

PC: Program contractor required
LP: Licensed professional required
DIY: Do-it-yourself or self-install


Helpful Resources:

Check out these web pages and articles to learn more about the benefits and details for some of our home energy improvements.

Rebates: 50% of cost up to $1,250 per year

Looking for a holistic approach? To qualify, your participating program contractor will ensure that you can reduce electric energy use by 20% once improvements are made.

Already completed your improvements?


  • Rebate eligibility depends on home energy assessment results. If your Program Contractor does not believe you can reach a 25% energy reduction then they may recommend you complete the program through the Individual Improvements approach.
  • Must be a Georgia Power residential customer.

Preconditions and Requirements

Rebate Details

Qualified customers who complete the recommended improvements and achieve a 20% energy reduction are eligible for a rebate of 50% of cost up to $1,250.

  • Up to $150 towards your home energy assessment 
  • Up to $1,100 towards eligible energy efficiency home improvements

Frequently Asked Questions

Get additional details by reading common questions and answers.

Where can I learn more about home energy assessments and improvements like air sealing, duct sealing and heat pump water heaters?

We've put together some helpful articles to answer common questions and highlight the benefits for some of our qualifying home energy improvements.

I want to add insulation to my attic. How do I make sure I can qualify for the rebate?

To qualify for the rebate for attic insulation, be sure to follow the guidelines below:

  • You are a residential Georgia Power customer
  • Existing insulation in your attic is at or below R-19 
  • Add insulation to meet an R value of 38 to comply with code as your attic structure allows
  • Insulate your entire attic structure to ensure savings and increased comfort
  • Provide zero balance or paid in full invoices for the insulation materials/equipment if you installed yourself or from the installing contractor

What are the benefits of working with a participating Program Contractor?

Participating program contractors in Georgia Power’s Home Energy Improvement Program are certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analysts and have received extensive training on how to assess and analyze the conditions and equipment in a home. Program contractors also receive specific training from Georgia Power on how to best support a customer’s program-related goals. All participating program contractors must meet Program specified guidelines and requirements like insurance coverage, drug screen, and background check.

Can I use my own contractor?

For some improvements you can use your own contractor while for others you may be required to use a program contractor. For complete details see our Preconditions and Improvement Requirements.

In general, the improvements below require a contractor with specific credentials/certifications or a program contractor:

• Home Energy Assessment: Requires a program contractor

• Duct Sealing: Requires a DET Verifier or program contractor

• Air Sealing: Requires a program contractor

• Whole House: Requires a program contractor

Which home improvements can I do myself?

Visit our DIY page for more information and resources.

What should I have when submitting a rebate application?

Please be sure to have the following materials available when applying for the rebate and consider the program rules:

  • You must have your Georgia Power meter number available to apply for rebates. You can find this information on your monthly Georgia Power bill or your home’s meter.
  • A valid account in our rebate application system, which can be created when you start your application
  • Address where the improvements were made
  • Name and mailing address for the person receiving the rebate
  • If the rebate payee is a company, you will need a completed W-9 with Tax ID
  • Signed Terms & Conditions

How soon will I receive my rebate check?

Rebate processing typically takes 6-8 weeks for a complete application. If we find flaws while processing, we will contact you via phone and/or email to resolve.  A flawed application will take 6-8 weeks for processing after the flaw has been resolved.

How quickly do I have to submit an application?

Applications must be submitted within 60 days of the date on your paid in full invoice/receipt to qualify for rebates.

Can you recommend a contractor?

Please use the Find a Contractor tool to locate a participating program contractor. We encourage all customers to contact program contractors directly to discuss pricing, the scope of work being considered, and submission of rebate applications.