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CCR Rule Compliance Plant Specific Data

Each of our Georgia Powers plants represents a major commitment to ensure an adequate supply of electricity is available to the southeast for now and years to come.

Plant Bowen

Plant Bowen, which began commercially operating in 1975, is located 9 miles southwest of Cartersville, Georgia.

Plant Hammond

Plant Hammond is a four-unit, coal-fired electric generating facility located on 1,100 acres in Floyd County.

Plant McDonough

Georgia Power retired its coal-fired units at Plant McDonough-Atkinson in 2011 and added three natural gas combined cycle units.

Plant McIntosh

Operating in Effingham County. Plant McIntosh includes two natural gas combined cycle units, a coal-fired unit, and eight simple cycle combustion turbines.

Plant McManus

Plant McManus is an oil-fired power facility operating in the area since the 1950s. 

Plant Scherer

Plant Scherer, located in Juliette, GA, is one of the nation’s largest power plants. 

Plant Wansley

Nestled near the Chattahoochee River, Plant Wansley is located on 5,200 acres in Heard and Carroll counties near Carrollton. 

Plant Yates

Plant Yates,  near Newnan, Georgia and built after World War II, originally had seven coal-fired steam generating units.